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The new international ecological art-project “THE POWER OF WATER” will be held
from 23th March to 20th May 2012 at the Polytechnical Museum in Moscow!

“The Power of Water” refers to different aspects of the relationship between culture, education and everyday life.
Twelve artists from Russia, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, the United States and Japan offer their artistic
interpretation of these all-important themes:
Water and Life, Water and Man, Water and the Arts.

Mel Theobald “Aquarium. Light”
Chicago, 2005
Alexander Oligerov
“Black Water”, 2011
Michel Marang. A series of B&W works “Water and Man”, 2011-2012. Video installation with live music “Dirty windows”, 2010.  

Vladimir Nasedkin
Video installation “Architecture of Water, Metal and Stones”, 1999-2011

  Liliana Spiktorenko
“Before and after”, 2012

“Water is a metaphor of time and space. In its abstraction it is without shape, value, texture, color or form. It is precisely that characteristic that makes it a visual magnet. It is the texture of the wind, the color of reflection and the shape of geography. It is the thickness of paper on the vast surface of the earth. And, in its transparency, it is a transcendental universe.

Mel Theobald

Tatiana Badanina
“The Creation of the World. Day Four”, 2010
  Alexey Lantsev
“Horizon”, 2011
  Naomi Maki
“Indigo Blue on Silver”, 2010

Naomi Maki
Tatiana Badanina
Patrizia Bonanzinga
Liliana Spiktorenko
Alena Telpukhovskaya
Vladimir Nasedkin
Alexander Oligerov
Gennady Troshkov
Michel Marang
Alexey Lantsev
Hans Mendler
Mel Theobald

Paleeva Tatiana

Hans Mendler
& the Great Flood”,

Alena Òelpukhovskaya
From the project “Sky Blue”, 2010
  Patrizia Bonanzinga “Power of Water”, 2011

The exhibition is open daily from 23th March
to 10th May 2012 from 10:00 to 18:00.
Day off - Monday.

Polytechnical Museum
Hall 1, 2, 3
Novaya Square, 3/4, Entrance 1
www.polymus.ru, +7 (495) 625 06 14