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“East Meets West Gallery” is pleased to announce the new art project “Tibet: Infinity of Silence”

In this new project curator Tatiana Paleeva presents yet another view of the relationship between modern life and the ancient culture of Tibet, and the mysterious charms of a land that has for centuries fascinated and attracted European outsiders. Tibet has the power to open up new facets of life, whether philosophical, religious or artistic.

Who are we? Where do we come from? How do we relate to surrounding reality? How do we know ourselves? And how can we hear silence? We cannot answer these questions for you, but we can present the unique experience of each of the contributing artists in their contact with Tibetan culture.

Alena Telpukhovskaya, Suren Aivazyan, Mikhail Molochnikov, Sergey Filatov, Vasily Tuzlukov, Andrey Vrady. Curator Paleeva Tatiana

Alena Telpukhovskaya. “A bird on the ruins of a monastery. Lhasa province. Central Tibet”, 2004


Vasily Tuzlukov. “Untitled”. From the series “Journey to Yourself. Ladakh”, 2012

“It’s like a sudden inspiration or creative obsession, when something calls and you surrender to it, and in doing so attain an unexpected understanding of life and death in your experience... I’ve passed different periods in my understanding of life, but Tibet was the real beginning of my spiritual quest...”
                                                                                         Alena Telpukhovskayà


“Journey to Yourself: Ladakh” is the title of a new series of photographs by Vasily Tuzlukov, taken during his latest expedition in August 2012. He chose a special kind of journey – a journey to one’s self, an unhurried voyage of knowledge and self-awareness.

Alena Telpukhovskaya. “A Tibetan girl. Sakya province”, “A Tibetan. Drigung Til monastery”. Central Tibet, 2004


Mikhail Molochnikov.
“Secret Buddhist Symbols.
Sign of Welfare”, 2010

Vasily Tuzlukov. “Untitled”. From the series “Journey to Yourself. Ladakh”, 2012  

Mikhail Molochnikov.
“Secret Buddhist Symbols. Longevity Sign”, 2010


Sergey Filatov. From the project “Where Dreams are born”, 2012


M. Molochnikov. “Antennas to God”, 2011

Mikhail Molochnikov practices Tibetan Dzogchen teachings in the Bon tradition – a central teaching of the Nyingma school. In this new project Mikhail represents sculptures from his series “Antennas to God” and several drawings from series “Secret Buddhist Symbols”.


Sergei Filatov is a follower of Sri Ramana Maharshi and thus his works are an act of self-discovery, as the Maha Yoga school uses expressive art to answer the question “Who am I?”. In his teachings Sri Maharshi preferred silence to discourse; in his view equanimity and peace of mind worked better than any words.


Suren Aivazyan. “Around the Himalayas. India, Vashisht”, 2012


Andrey Vrady is an artist, designer and photographer who creates intricate and unusual works by combining collage and digital images, geometric ornaments often with ethnic tones, banal urban landscape photos and many other objects that happen to be on hand at the time. New works from Andrey’s series “Four Views” will be presented as part of the “Temple of Silence” – an installation that resembles a typical Buddhist temple from afar.


“It was cloudy for the entire two weeks of my trip and I was not able to see the major peaks of the Himalayas. Every morning I watched the sun rise over the mountains, and in the afternoon I watched sunlight cover the walls of nearby buildings. During the day I soaked original Indian paper in tempera and at night I hung it out and prayed that it would dry properly. For two weeks I looked at distant landscapes and practiced “loud yoga” with brushes and buckets. But after examining the results I sadly realized that my pictures would never replace the sky”.
                                                                                            Suren Aivazyan


The exhibition is open daily from 16th November to 7th December, 2012 from 12:00 to 22:00.
Admission is free


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