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Lost Paths of the Southwestern Chinese Tribes

Please, join us in our expedition to the tribal treasures of hidden civilizations in the Southwestern provinces of China 12.00 to 21.00 daily.

The East Meets west
Gallery is proud to
present a special
art-project by Tatiana
Paleeva entitled "Lost
Paths of the Southwestern Chinese Tribes". The current art- project includes a large part of Tatiana Paleeva's traditional Guiizhou and Guanxi collection: antique and modern costumes of the "red" and "black" Miao, Ge, Buy, Dong peoples, with unique embroidery, appliqu? and hand weaving; religious relics, sculptures and a robe of Yao shamans, together with ancestral scrolls; silver decorations of the women of the Miao and Bouyei ethnic groups; Tatiana's own ethnic photographs, partly exhibited during her last project on China under the name "A Portrait of One".

Traditional Man's Costume of Ge ethnic group,
Guizhou, China. Hot batic.

Collectors and connoisseurs will be pleased by the first appearance in Moscow of the XIX century photographs of China by John Thomson, a well-known photographer and traveler. They will also see the finest black and white gelatin silver prints by Beijing photographer Kang Guo Qing made in the nineteen eighties of XX c. and the later works by his son, Kang Xue Song. Color portraits and documentary photos of the Miao and Ge people's everyday life were carried out by the well-known Guizhou photo artist Lu Xian Yi especially for the survey Symbols and Rituals - An illustrated Introduction to the Civilizations of the Guizhou History, Culture and Civilization, Guiyang, 2006, Zhang Xia Song, Lu Xian Yi.
John Thomson
Old Woman.Canton, 1868-1870

Lu Xian Yi
Portrait of a Nuo Xi performer from Tu Jia tribe, De Jiang County. 2005 60§50
Kang Xue Song
Old Mountain People of Yi group, Sichuan, 1996,
bw, c-print, 100x80

The Gallery artist
Lilia Balasanova
inspired by the Southwestern Chinese ethnic
group's traditional designs
will present to the public
her original photo-collages.


Design Center ARTPLAY
From March 22 to March 31, 2008 The address:Timura Frunze. 11/34, entrance 1
Tel.: 925 5001, 221 5158

East Meets West Gallery Curator: Tanya Paleeva www.eastmeetwestgallery.ry

Lilia Balasanova
Red flower. 2008.
Photocollage, 200X96