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Ekaterina Kudryavtseva


1961 – born October 16, in Moscow 1979-1984 – Study at Moscow Academy of Graphic Art by A.Vasnetsov and D.Bisti
1979 – Exhibition of young artists' paintings, House of Culture, Science and Tecnics, Moscow
1985 – Becomes a member of the Young section of the Moscow Union of Artists
1985-1994 – 16th-21st exhibitions of young artists of Moscow, House of Artists, Kuznetsky Most, Moscow
1991 – Exhibition of the scholars of the Union of Artists of the USSR, Central House of Artists, Moscow
1995 – Becomes a member of the Moscow Union of Artists
1995 – Personal exhibition, House of Architects, ARS Club, Moscow
1997 – Personal exhibition «Icones et Fleures», France, Paris
1998 – Moscow Artists' Book graphics' exhibition, House of Artists, Kuznetsky Most, Moscow
1998 – Exposition de Peinture Russe, Oriental Cafe, France, Paris
2000 – Personal exhibition «Blossoming Land», gallery «Phoenix», Moscow
2000 – First poetry creations
2001 – Exhibition, Switzerland, Basel
2001 – Exhibition, Germany, Konstanz
2002 – Exhibition, Galerie F.Y.C., France, Paris
2002 – Exhibition, Espace Auteille, France, Paris
2002 – Art-Manezh, personal show «Station Z», Moscow
2005 – Published first book of poems «Nestishiya»
2005 – Awarded a Silver medal named M. Lermontov for personal contribution to national multi-ethnic culture and strengthening Russian statehood
2006 – 5th Art-Fair «Best Fine Art Galleries», Moscow
2006 – Series of works «Leaves» as part of art-project by the «East Meets West Gallery» dedicated to Japanease Arts&Crafts «The Floating World», Moscow
2007 – «Way of Life», «East Meets West Gallery». New Manege. Moscow
2009 – April 17-21, «To meet each other», «East Meets West Gallery». HUDGRAF, New Manege, Moscow
2009 – May 14-31 Jubilee project «East Meets West Gallery» «Ten Plus». Na Solyanke Gallery, Moscow
2010 – Solo exhibition «The Spirit blows where it wishes ...». State Institute of Fine Arts. Moscow
2010 – Art Project «Organica», «East Meets West Gallery». Na Solyanke Gallery, Moscow
2011 – Exhibition-fair of graphic arts HUDGRAF, New Manege, Moscow
2012 – «Pastel graphics and Sculpture», Club «Creative Wednesday`s» during the joint exhibition «Roads», Central house of artists, Moscow
2012 – «Collectio-7», The Moscow Union of Artist`s Exhibition hall, Moscow
2012 – «Angels and Leaves», Gallery «Wise art», Moscow
2012 – «80 years to Moscow Union of Artists», Central House of Artists, Moscow
2013 – «80 years to Moscow Union of Artists», House of Artists, Kuznetsky Most, Moscow
2013 July-August – «Leaves contemplation in Paris» at the invitation of Ñite internationale des Arts, France, Paris
2013 – Exhibition together with Peter Grigoriev «30 years together», Gallery «T», Moscow
2013 – «Art creation in dialogue», Faculty of Philosophy of the Moscow state University` program «Aesthetics: art-business», Agency Art Ru, Moscow
2013 – «New year`s exhibition», Gallery «Artplatforma», The Moscow Union of Artist`s Exhibition hall, Moscow
2014 – «World of painting», House of Culture, Zelenograd
2014 – «150 vertically», Central House of Artists, Moscow
2015 – «A Decade of Existence», gallery «Collegium Artisticum», Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
2015 – Exhibition together with Peter Grigoriev, «One Sun for Two Artists», «East Meets West Gallery», Design center Artplay, Moscow
2015 – Solo exhibition «Life: Book, Cup, Cross...», Serafimo-Znamensky Skit, Moscow region.



    Allegorical still lifes
and landscapes
    Big Flowers  

Rostov's vicinity

    Paris. Paysages  
    Paris on newspapers  
    Works made on Zeleno-gradskaya