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East Meets West Gallery is pleased to announce
the opening of
                     «The Deep Flow»
an exhibition of Hans Mendler and Evgeny Kryukov,
as part of Annual «Art&Deco and Artesania» Art Fair
in the New Manege exhibition hall

Hans Mendler
At the River II, 2010
Acrylic on Canvas, 100150



Hans Mendler
Oval, Swing (diptych), 2010
Canvas, acrylic, 21x55

The East Meets West Gallery is proud to introduce a new artist from Germany: Hans Mendler.
Hans Mendler works in different styles and uses different techniques: oil, acrylics, Chinese ink, even his fingers and collages.
Most of his paintings are abstract; some of them almost monochrome, but the rest are painted with lively, even wild colours. Sometimes bright colours are freely flown into quiet colours and vice versa. Nevertheless, the change always seems natural and thoughtfully composed. The main theme of his works lies in its dynamics, movement, flow, whether it is the ripples of water in the river, the flight of a feather or the path of a windstorm.

Evgeny Kryukov
Whirlwind, 2009
Ink on paper, 5879

Evgeny Kryukov
Rest on the grass, 2009
Ink on paper, 6080

Hans Mendler and Evgeny Kryukov work together well in the common exhibition space as their mental approach to art, their methods and techniques are very similar.
That particularly concerns Evgeny Kryukov's new abstract series of works "Movements".

Elegance, sophistication and pictorial character are the main features of Evgeny' s abstract graphic works. His fine, punctuated black lines drawn on a white background emphasize the fragile and incredibly unreal character of his works which suddenly transform into a familiar, recognizable image. The absence of a complicated background in the works make them airy and light, but that does not affect the meticulously organized composition of the artist.

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