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Tatiana Paleeva and the East Meets West Gallery are pleased to announce the opening of "The Graphics' Lab", an exhibition of Anatoly Purlik, Evgeny Kryukov and Aleksey Lantsev, as part of "ChudGraph" (Graphic Arts' Annual Fair) in the New Manege exhibition hall.

For painters, graphic drawings are usually associated with creative experiments, technical training and the mixing of various genres.

Anatoly Purlik understands the difference between painting and drawing, with a nuanced feel for line, texture and even the tone of the paper - or, more accurately, the very existence of paper as the basis for creation. His works bring the meaning and expressive possibilities of lines to life; sharp contours highlight the figures and lift them from the background without destroying the underlying harmony, and Purlik's broad, swift strokes add both dynamism and coloristic accents.

Evgeny Kryukov doesn't restrict himself to typical drawing techniques, bringing rich experience as a painter to bear as well. Graphic materials describe fantasies and dreams, with paints serving as an earthly base, and the resulting structures are always full, complicated and layered. For the artist, creation of the proper background is the starting point for a composition; it determines the character and internal tone of the future work as well as its constitution. After this, the act of graphic drawing essentially fills out a predetermined outline: it brings the structure into being, and adds nuance and color with the artist's exquisite strokes.

Aleksey Lantsev turns to drawing as a means of keeping a travel journal. His quick, often sketchy and impressionistic pieces hark back to the cursory nature of an oral tale, one in which the narrator seizes on curious anecdotes and twists and omit the daily life. In Aleksey's "Jazz" series art comes into dialogue with music, recreating the polyphony of a jazz composition.

All of these artists are painters, both in their body of previous work as well as their mental approach to art. As a result, their methods and compositions strongly suggest canvas - but graphic drawing changes and enriches their perspective, opening up the more intimate side of the creative process.

You are warmly invited to the exhibit
in Hall 3 (A-3, A-4)
at New Manege exhibition hall
at 3/3 Georgiyevsky Per.

Opening time:
21 March, 2007 from 18.00 till 21.00,
22 - 25 March 2007 from 11.00 till 20.00.

Tel.: 692 37 39, 765 40 45

"East Meets West Gallery"

Curator: Tanya Paleeva
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