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On the Other Side

East Meets West Gallery is proud to show a part of its special Chinese art-project “On the Other Side”. The exhibition will be held at the exhibition hall ‘New Manege” Hall 2, booth 2 during the Artesania Art Fair from October 1 till October 5, 2008

At the exhibition the artifacts collected during expeditions to Guizhou and Guanxi are presented in a synthesis of different forms of contemporary art: antique photography, contemporary color photography, black and white traditional photography of 1980-s and colored photo-collages by the gallery artist Lily Balasanova.

Lu Xian Yi
Portrait an Old Man at Drum Miao Festival. 2005, color print 53,5
Kang Guo Qing
Three Young Miao Girls, Guizhou 1985
bw, gelatin silver print 60.5x50.5

Collectors and connoisseurs will be pleased by the first appearance in Moscow of the XIX century photographs of China by John Thomson, a well-known photographer and traveler. They will also see the finest black and white gelatin silver prints by Beijing photographer Kang Guo Qing made in the nineteen eighties of XX c. and the later works by his son, Kang Xue Song. Color portraits and documentary photos of the Miao and Ge people’s everyday life were carried out by the well-known Guizhou photo artist Lu Xian Yi.

Lilia Balasanova
Indigo. 2008
Photocollage. 200

The exhibition is open
at “New Manege”
At 3/3 Georgiyevsy Per.
October 1, 2008 from 18.00 till 21.00
October 2-5, 2008 from 11:00 till 20:00.
Tel.: 692 3739, 765 4045
E-mail: Paleeva@emwgallery.com www.eastmeetswestgalery.ru

East Meets West Gallery
Curator: Tanya Paleeva
Tel: 8-916-680 53 90

Anyone approaching the multicultural traditions of China’s people for the first time is astonished by its incredible diversity and particularly by its two colors: blue and red. Both colors may be immediately apparent to the eye, but their inner, emotional impact is different for every observer. Chinese blues range from light sky tones to the deep, mystical indigo so typical for the peoples of Guizhou province, while red shades run from dark crimson to the bright, blinding colors found in Yunnan embroidery. Today’s digital photographic technologies provide new ways to approach China’s rich visual tradition, and this is why these colors are so prevalent in Lilya Basanova’s collages.

An early period Chinese tomb pottery figure of an attendant. It is skillfully modeled and sculpted of dense buff pottery and has excellent detailing. The figure is dressed in the traditional tied robes of the period which are glazed in a deep purple black hue with dark green sash. The figure’s head removes as is usual the case. There are good remains of the original white slip and pigments. There is a very good patina of age and exposure with encrustations and calcifications. The condition is good with few damages for age and type. Minor repairs may be found in these early period examples of type.

A glazed figure of an attendant.
Ming Dynasty, 1368 A.D. to 1644 A.D.
Shanxi province, China
41x15x15 ñm