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East Meets West Gallery presents exhibition
as part of The Graphic Arts Annual Fair ChudGraph
held at the New Manege exhibition hall.

Anatoly Purlik and Alexey Lantsev spent a month together during the autumn of 2009 in Altea, a small resort town in the Alicante province of Spain. Both artists are well known for their use of various graphic techniques as a form of travel journal, and viewers in Moscow, Europe and Asia have been repeatedly impressed by their skills in creating quick, often sketchy and impressionistic pieces.

Alexey Lantsev loves to work in the open air inspired by life running around him. His drawings of city scenes, landscapes and still life are full of exact composition details, and characters.








Anatoly Purlik
Denia, 2010
Paper, gouache, 8152

Anatoly Purlik, by contrast, is mainly focused on his rich inner world, full of personal impressions and emotions, and less on the real details of the landscape, person or still life - a real philosopher on canvas.


Anatoly Purlik
Costa Blanca. 23. 00. Altea, 2010
Paper, gouache, 4764

The difference in their artistic approach to art is absolutely visible, but in the exhibit space both artists warmly enrich each other and allow the public to follow their different inner worlds, life experiences, graphical methods and composition, and also to feel their common character: they are both wonderful artists.

You are warmly invited to the exhibit opening on
Wednesday, March 31, from 18:00 to 21:00, Hall 2, Booth A2
New Manege exhibition hall
3/3 Georgiyevsky Per.

Opening time:
April 1-3, 2010 from 12.00 till 20.00,
April 4, 2010 till 19.00
Tel.: 692 37 39

East Meets West Gallery
Curator: Tanya Paleeva
Tel.: 8-916-680 5390









Alexey Lantsev
Couple from London, 2009
Paper, acrylic, 3550

Alexey Lantsev
Red Tablecloth, 2009
Board, acrylic, 70100