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The Deputy Chief of Mission of the United States of America
Eric S. Rubin, Ms. Nicole Simmons and East Meets West Gallery proudly open in October 2009 the Art exhibition of works
by Sergei Kolevatykh and Lily Balasanova.

Sergei Kolevatykh will present the series of his works "Urban Visions". Lily Balasanova will show some pieces of her series " Transparences" made for The East Meets West Gallery Art- project "The Floating World" and the works under the name "Grasshopper's Song".

Sergei Kolevatykh
Michigan Avenue, 2008
Mixed media on canvas, 77x159

The series "Urban Visions" inspired by modern American cities has been shown by Sergei Kolevatykh throughout a number of exhibits in Russia and the United States. It has been highly evaluated by specialists and art critics. Many pieces were acquired by private and corporate collectors, such as "Deloitte", "John Deere", "Hyatt Development" and "Johnson & Johnson".
Original piece of art is accomplished in a very intricate author's technique. It is a complex combination of drawing, painting on canvas and a multilayered collage composed of hundreds of computer generated fragments. Indeed, this unusual technique creates a breathtaking effect. Every original piece is presented in several variants of handmade giclee prints that has become a remarkable continuation of the original paintings.
Giclee printing provides an amazing quality of images. Limited editions of art work printed on a museum quality paper or canvas are becoming very popular among collectors at present time.

Lily Balasanova
Flight Concept, 2008
Mixed media on canvas, 3335

Lily Balasanova
Grasshopper's Song, 2007
Mixed media on canvas, 130130

Lily Balasanova
Eclipse, 2008
Mixed media on canvas, 5550

One of the ongoing themes of artists Lily Balasanova and Sergei Kolevatykh is the exploration of a multitude of coexisting realities, both virtual and actual. This theme first emerged in their work in 1999, and since then has been evolving throughout a series of exhibitions.
By introducing of the theme of 'Song of a Grasshopper" Lily Balasanova and Sergei Kolevatykh examine computer-generated virtual reality and how it manifests itself in the real world. This is true even for the most secluded and intimate cognitive processes such as a way of thinking and creativity. Balancing on the verge of this new reality coming-to-be is a thrilling point of observation.
It is undeniable that this alternate reality can offer vast, breathtaking opportunities. It is a place where a parallel sequence of events is unraveling - where we are free to rewrite our mythology as we see fit; and where, when things go awry, there always seems to be the wonder-working reboot