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Hans Mendler


Hans Mendler, a German painter and sculptor, was born in 1950 in Neresheim near Stuttgart. He graduated from the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart, and in 1978 relocated to Leonberg where he lives at present.

The artist works in different styles and uses different techniques: oil, acrylics, Chinese ink, even his fingers and collages. Most of his paintings are abstract; some of them almost monochrome,            but the rest are painted with lively, even wild colours. Sometimes bright colours are freely flown into quiet colours and vice versa. Nevertheless, the change always seems natural and thoughtfully composed. His work is striking artistic skill of the author to balance between abstract and figurative art, often easily switch from one type to another.

Selected personal exhibitions of recent years

2008 – “To the Unknown Side”. «The Gallery of TCC» at the  “SUN” Festival, Singapore. 
2011 – “Hans Mendler`s Mythology”. “East Meets West Gallery”, Central Exhibition Hall “Manege”, Moscow, Russia.

Selected group exhibitions of recent years

1990 – “Jazz and Painting”.  “Bausparkasse” Bank, Leonberg, Germany. 
1993 – “Stevenson Gallery”, San Diego, the USA.
“Markos Gallery”, Berlin, Germany.
“Fleiner Mobel” Gallery, Stuttgart, Germany.
“Zehntscheuer Cultural Club”, Moglingen, Germany. 
Cultural Club in Leonberg, Germany.
Artists Meet, Stuttgart 
1994 – “Museo Civico”, Rovinj, Kroatien. 
1997 – “Merlin Cultural Club”, Áóäàïåøò, Budapest, Hungary. 
2002 –  Easter exhibition in Benissalem, Mallorca, Spain. 
“HMH” Gallery Puerto d‘Andtrax, Mallorca, Spain.
“La citadelle de Belfort”, Lebanon
2003 – “Saby Lazi” Gallery, Stuttgart, Germany. 
2005 – “Hornischer Consulting” and “Renningen Gallery”, Berlin, Germany.
2007 – “K.A.S.- Gallery”, Budapest , Hungary. 
2010 – “Saby Lazi” Gallery, Stuttgart , Germany.
“Deep Flow”. “East Meets West Gallery”, Moscow State Exhibition Hall “New Manege”, Moscow, Russia.
Sculpture exhibition at Garden Museum “Gartenkontor”, Walblingen-Beinstein, Germany.
Exhibition at “Villa Barabas”, Budapest, Hungary
2011 –  Participant at the First International Ecological Art Project “Organika”  by “The East Meets West Gallery”. “Na Solyanke” Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
2012 –  Participant at the Second International Ecological Art Project “The Power of Water”. “The East Meets West Gallery” at Polytechnical Museum, Moscow, Russia.





    Painting 2008-2010