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    Journey of the Spirit  

Naomi Maki

(Artist, Composer, Musician)

Naomi Maki was born in Japan. She graduated from the Tokyo Music Conservatoire with a diploma in composition. Also she studied Jazz piano and Kiyomoto a form of the Japanese traditional singing (under the living National Treasure Kiyomoto Seiju-dayu) and she studied under the leading Early Music tenor, Nigel Rogers in London.

Her first CD “Time, Time after Time” was released in 1986 in Japan on the BMG/Victor label. In 2000 she gave a solo concert at the Kobuchizawa Music Festival, a CD of this concert “Naomi Maki Singing Island songs” was released in 2001 in Japan. In UK Naomi organized the concert “Songs and Rhythms of Okinawa”. In 2002 she collaborated with Japanese drumming group, made European Tour. She took part in BBC documentary “In search of Shakespeare” in London.

In 2005, in Korea, she participated in the charity concert “Inspiration of Seoul” and till 2008 she was actively performing at charity concerts in Korea. Naomi has been collaborating with David Cross, electric violinist, former member of British progressive rock band “King Crimson” and in 2006 their CD “Unbounded” was released. In 2008 “STOMP MUSIC” released her solo album “Dear Beautiful Moment”, which consists of both her own compositions and performances by Korean-inspired motifs together with leading Korean musicians.

Since January 2009 Naomi lives in Moscow. She took part in a charity festival “Step Towards!” in St. Petersburg Philharmonic Hall. Also she collaborated with Haiku poet Marina Hagen at “Drevo” Gallery and also they performed at the final series concert of “Heart of Japan” Festival at the Rachmaninov Hall of The Moscow State Conservatory.

In 2010 she took part in the concert “King of Ryukyu” at the Yauza Palace in Moscow. Also she gave a solo concert “Journey of Spirits” in the Rachmaninov Hall of The Moscow State Conservatory. In 2011 she collaborated with the leading chapeau designer Violetta Litvinova at Jubilee show with her improvised music.

In 2012 in London Naomi organized a charity concert for the victims of “The Great East Earthquake 2011”. She collaborated with Japanese actor Togo Igawa, based in UK. On the program Naomi improvised with her music to his recite of haiku poem “Narrow Street” by Matso Basho and a poem by one of the victims of the Earthquake.

Naomi used to live in several different countries (Japan, USA, UK, Korea, Russia) for some years. Those countries had influenced her creativity – she mixes their spirits and her own feelings for them in her music compositions, singing & painting. Her art is borderless; it is independent and free of any bounds and limits.


1998 –  Exhibition and concert organized by the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation in London.
1999 –  Exhibition and concert organized by the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation in London.
2000 –  Exhibition and solo concert in Kobuchizawa Music Festival in Japan. 
Series of personal exhibitions and concerts “UNBOUNDED” in Tokyo, Japan.
2005 –  International Art Exhibition by the Red Cross in Seoul, Korea.
2007 –  21st Century International Exhibition of Art in Seoul, Korea.
2010 –  Solo concert “JOURNEY OF SPIRITS” with visual presentation of her art works at The Rachmaninov Hall of The Moscow State Conservatory, Moscow.
Solo exhibition “INFINITY” at the gallery of the International University in Moscow.
2011 – Participated in the 5th Anniversary Moscow International Festival of Art “Traditions & Contemporaneity”, which was held in at “The Manege” Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow.